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EU starts innovation program for the food sector


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

EU starts innovation program for the food sector

The EU wants to lead the food sector in a new direction with a huge scientific and economic stimulus program. The goal is education, research and 350 start-ups promoting new technologies, healthy food, less food waste and less greenhouse gas emissions during food production. Throughout Europe, 50 universities, companies and research institutions have joined forces to form a so-called "Knowledge and Innovation Community" (KIC), as reported by the University of Hohenheim. The European Institute for Technology and Innovation (EIT) has been financing the Innovation Community with 400 million euros under the name EIT Food for 10 years. A further 1.2 billion euros have been given by private funds. Baden-Württemberg is particularly strongly represented, with four out of the nine German KIC members coming from there, according to the University of Hohenheim. Its Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Jochen Weiss assumed the position of Interim Director of Education. "As Germany's No.1 in agricultural research and food science, the university wants to become more involved in the field of innovation and the transfer of knowledge," says the Rector of the University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Stephan Dabbert, explaining the university's participation in the new EIT Food.

Source: freshplaza.com