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South Africa: Mozambique to supplement papaya supply


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

South Africa: Mozambique to supplement papaya supply

Papaya production in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa has just past the peak production period. The drought and high temperatures have had an influence on the volumes and quality. "We had a bit less volume due to the drought and a few quality issues," explains Lean van Schalkwyk from Neofresh, the main supplier of Papaya to the South African retail market. "We still had decent volumes though, on par with last year." The annual volume should be pretty much in line with the previous season, and if it hadn't been for the drought, the volumes would have been higher, according to Lean. Neofresh has an external grower, Carthage Limitada in Mozambique, exclusively supplying them. They will produce commercial volumes of Papaya for the first time early next year. "It is going very well and the first fruit should be harvested around January. Carthage is busy building the packhouse and getting everything in place for the start of the season," said Lean. Neofresh has a year round supply of Papaya, but there are peaks and troughs at certain times and supplies from Mozambique will help when there are dips in the South African supply.

Source: freshplaza.com