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Djibouti: EU Supports WFP Assistance to Thousands Suffering Drought


Wednesday, 05 October 2016

Djibouti: EU Supports WFP Assistance to Thousands Suffering Drought

From January 2016, thousands of pastoralists arrived in Djibouti from the Somali region of Ethiopia and from the Somaliland Region of Somalia, fleeing one of the most severe droughts of the last decade. Many pregnant women and children under five among the displaced showed signs of acute malnutrition and anemia. Half of the adult men and women were underweight and many were suffering chronic coughs, tuberculosis and diarrheal diseases. In April 2016, the number of displaced pastoralists totalled 9,650 in different settlement sites in Ali-Sabieh, Dickhil and Obock regions of Djibouti. Their arrival put additional pressure on local people who were already affected by two decades of recurrent drought and overstretched social services. Thanks to a contribution of €600,000 from the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO), WFP assisted the displaced pastoralists, most of whom were able to return to their area of origin by the end of May. WFP also provided much-needed support for nearly 14,000 people from the host communities.

Source: allafrica.com