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WWF welcomes first ASC certified shrimp farm in Africa


Monday, 03 October 2016

WWF welcomes first ASC certified shrimp farm in Africa

Unima, leader in Madagascar’s shrimp production sector, was awarded Aquaculture Stewardship Certification (ASC) for its aquaculture farm Aqualma located in Mahajamba, the northwest coast of Madagascar. It is the first shrimp farm in Africa to receive ASC certification, an internationally recognized labeling scheme that promotes the best environmental and social aquaculture performance. WWF´s partnership with Unima to develop and implement good social and environmental practices started in 2007. Through ASC certification, the company is being recognized for boosting community development, reforestation and for its sound management of mangrove areas, water treatment and waste management. WWF applauds Unima’s commitment which in many ways goes beyond the ASC standard, and includes also education, health care and other environmental and social improvements on the farm. This certification is a major step for the shrimp sector across Africa and the export market in Madagascar. Indeed in 2014, shrimp fishing and farming represented 49% of Madagascar’s fish products exports. More than 60% of the farmed shrimp is produced by Aqualma. Europe is the main consumer of Malagasy shrimps, with imports of 400 000 tons of tropical farmed shrimp per year. Most of the shrimp is exported to France, only 10% goes to Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Source: wwf.mg