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EU: New strategy for Africa

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 07 September 2016

EU: New strategy for Africa

A politically stable and peaceful environment is essential for economic development. Conversely, a thriving economy is a major factor in securing political stability. International exchange also promotes the transfer of skills and technology. Germany and Europe need to shift their focus from poverty reduction to the promotion of private business involvement. Botswana is more politically stable than Germany. This is indicated by a comparison of countries by the World Bank. Namibia and Mauritius come below Germany in the ranking but are still ahead of the USA, Britain and France. And they are not the only countries in Africa that score high marks. Across nearly the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa, political stability has improved significantly in the past ten years. There are fewer conflicts, more democratic elections and more peaceful changes of government. Africa no longer deserves the image of a continent of crisis and conflict. Nevertheless, Africa is all too often perceived as too insecure and chaotic a place to do business. But many who think so forget that the continent consists of 54 countries – with very different forms of government and different resources. There are civil wars, corruption and poor governance; there are also, however, many governments doing a great deal to improve the investment climate. Accordingly, development differs from one country to another.

Source: dandc.eu