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Rwanda seeks supply of on grid electricity service


Monday, 01 August 2016

Rwanda seeks supply of on grid electricity service

In East Africa, the government of Rwanda has received a grant from Belgium within the framework of improving access to reliable on grid electricity services for households and public priority institutions. Government intends to apply a portion of the funds to eligible payments under the contract for the supply of electrical material and accessories for power lines. Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the law No 05/2013 of 13/02/2013 modifying and complementing the Law No 12/2007 of 27/03/2007 on public procurement. Bidders may be eligible to receive a margin of preference: Lot A:10% for local material; Lot B and Lot C; 10% for local bidders, as well as in bid evaluation in compliance with the public procurement law (law no 12/2007 of 29/03/2007) as modified and completed to date.

Source: esi-africa.com