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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Consolidating ACP-EU cooperation

What kind of relations will Europe build with African, Caribbean and Pacific states? Will the governments of developing countries respect democracy more? On the occasion of the meeting in Windhoek in Namibia between parliamentary representatives from the ACP countries and the EU, we met a former European Commissioner for Development, MEP Louis Michel. Louis Michel, hello. We have collected a lot of questions for you. Let's start straight away. The first comes from an NGO. Mr Michel, we believe that one of the required conditions for ending the risky departures of Africans towards hypothetical paradises lies in the reform of global economic governance and the end of wars. What are you planning to do at this level of the ACP-EU relations? There is this very important meeting in Namibia. There's talk of amending the Cotonou Agreement. What do you expect to result from this meeting in Namibia? I think the ACP-EU political relations are not yet strong enough. They are still too often reduced to a perception of charity. For example, money is given a bit as charity, but there is no real political exchange, real political debate that would go far enough. And yet we could build alliances with Africa, for example, in the big international debates. For example at the WTO. Europe's interests can often converge with those of Africa.