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EU may lift ban on Ghanaian veg exports


Friday, 17 June 2016

EU may lift ban on Ghanaian veg exports

The European Union may be planning to lift the ban placed on the export of some vegetables from Ghana last year, because the produce did not meet the required quality standards. This was hinted at by the EU Ambassador to Ghana, William Hanna. According to Hanna, though there is a huge market in the EU for Ghanaian produce, the union will not compromise on quality standards. Speaking to Citi Business News on the latest development, William Hanna explained that the EU is currently assisting local farmers through its Trade Related Assistance and Quality Enabling Programme (TRAQUE) to ensure that they meet the standards. “The market is there; the consumers in Europe are very interested in buying Ghanaian produce but you’ve got to get the quality right. One of the problems we had last year was that a few vegetables were not meeting the right quality standards for the European markets; unfortunately we had to ban those vegetables,” he stated.

Source: freshplaza.com