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EP once again demands the EC introduces origin labelling


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

EP once again demands the EC introduces origin labelling

The European Commission should come up with legislative proposals for mandatory country origin labelling of certain foods, such as milk, dairy and meat products, MEPs said in a new resolution on Thursday (12 May). Ever since the horsemeat scandal three years ago, which revealed that a lack of transparency in the food chain enabled producers to replace beef with horsemeat in certain products, the European Parliament and the Commission have debated how to improve food labelling. In several non-binding resolutions, Parliament told the executive to get back to the drawing board, and on Thursday, in Strasbourg, a majority of MEPs (422 votes to 159, with 68 abstentions) reiterated that country of origin labelling has to be made mandatory for all kinds of dairy and meat products, in order to boost consumer confidence in food products. They also said that the European Commission should consider extending the legislation to cover single-ingredient foods, or those with one main ingredient. The legislators emphasised that they don’t expect adding extra labelling to products would be a major cost for food producers.

Source: euractiv.com