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EU aid for African integration “badly targeted”


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

EU aid for African integration “badly targeted”

European Union aid aimed at encouraging regional integration in Africa is poorly managed and badly targeted, according to the by the European Centre for Development Policy Management. In a new report, the think-tank found that in such cases overseas aid is partly to blame for incentivising regional organisations to signal intent for integration that doesn’t exist and can lead to ‘agenda inflation’, adding ever more items on to regional ‘to do’ lists. It can also result in reduced ownership as the focus shifts to regional agendas and missed opportunities to strengthen institutional functions. Overall, the report found that regional integration is lagging in Africa as ambitions, commitments and policies are made but never realised. This is leading to a “growing frustration with the gap between rhetoric and what takes place on the ground”, the ECDPM said. The think-tank also highlighted that bigger or more powerful countries like Nigeria hold much more sway and are able to have a bigger influence on regional agendas, contributing to driving or blocking processes, depending on their interest.

Source: publicfinanceinternational.org