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Africa is a priority for Europe

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 06 April 2016

Africa is a priority for Europe

“Africa, as a young continent, must do all it can to retain its human resources, otherwise its future will be lost.” These are the words of the African Union Commissioner for Immigration, whom I met during my recent mission to Ethiopia (...) And this is the central issue for Africa. It is also the main reason why my political group, the European Socialists and Democrats, has made Africa a priority. Starting today, this whole week in the European Parliament will be devoted to the African continent. This is Africa Week. For too long, we in Europe and other continents have underestimated, and at times even scoffed at, Africa’s importance. We have built relationships with African countries that were purely based on economic convenience or trade, rather than being true political partnerships (...) Migration, terrorism, climate change, peace, security and development are mutual challenges, which affect the common destiny of both Europeans and Africans (...) Of course, a political partnership involves development aid, the construction of modern infrastructures, energy, telecoms, the environment, the fight against climate change and drought, education and training.

Source: neurope.eu