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Agriculture: Priority area in China-Africa relations


Monday, 07 March 2016

Agriculture: Priority area in China-Africa relations

Agriculture has been identified by Africa as a priority development area in the China-Africa strategic partnership. The agricultural sector is regarded as an engine for socio-economic development in most African countries. According to the African Union (AU), agriculture accounts for about one-third of the continent’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and more than two-thirds of its citizens rely directly on the sector for their livelihood. Cognisant of the important role of agriculture in the development agenda, Africa is redoubling its efforts to invest more in the sector and boost production. However, the task of transforming agriculture is generally not an easy one. Similar to the struggle for independence, the agricultural drive also requires much more efforts from within Africa as well as outside, particularly from those that have successfully transformed their agricultural sector. One country that has managed to record impressive progress in the agricultural sector is China. From struggling to feed its growing population, China now ranks among the leaders in worldwide farm output, although accounting for less than 10 percent of arable land worldwide. On the other hand, Africa continues to experience some challenges in improving its agricultural sector, yet the continent is endowed with fertile soils, a favourable climate and affluent water basin.

Source: Southern Times