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Germany bets on cocoa and coffee to boost its trade with Cameroon


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Germany bets on cocoa and coffee to boost its trade with Cameroon

Trade between Cameroon and Germany is not the most dynamic. This is at least what a delegation of German members of Parliament visiting Cameroon revealed. Indeed, according to official statistics, commercial exchanges between the two countries peak at FCfa 104.8 billion (€160 million), with FCfa 85 billion for German exports to Cameroon and only FCfa 19 billion for Cameroonian exports to Germany. In order to boost its exports to Cameroon, Germany is putting more emphasis on agricultural products, and mainly on cocoa and coffee, as well their by-products. The German MPs revealed this during a meeting with the management of the Inter-professional Cocoa and Coffee Council (CICC in French) with whom they had a work session in the economic capital. “Cocoa and coffee are two very important products in the national production here (in Cameroon, Ed.). And as we noticed, there are some by-products of cocoa and coffee, which must be promoted in Germany. These are definitely products which can help in intensifying the partnership between our two countries”, declared Holger Mahnicke, German ambassador in Cameroon.

Source: Business in Cameroon