Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Iran to grow rice, wheat in Africa

Iran is reportedly looking to lease land in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania for large-scale food production to serve local and export markets. More than 10 Iranian companies have expressed interest in growing and processing rice, corn and wheat in East Africa, Iranian Ambassador to Kenya Hadi Farajvand has said. He said Iran is supporting mechanized agriculture beyond its borders, with companies leasing huge chunks of land and applying modern agricultural methods to grow food for export to Iran. The companies are willing to establish manufacturing plants in the region to cater to the local market and to export to Iran, Farajvand said. The move is also aimed at narrowing trade deficit with the Horn of Africa countries, which is in Iran’s favor, he added. The East African Community (EAC) mainly exports unprocessed agricultural products like tea, coffee and meat to Iran. It imports oil products, machinery and telecommunication equipment from the Middle Eastern country. Local trade experts said the region should strive to export more processed goods to Iran, beginning this year.

Source: Press TV