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Italy takes a close look at agriculture in Africa


Friday, 12 February 2016

Italy takes a close look at agriculture in Africa

The Fieragricola (Agricultural Fair) in Verona, Italy, on Friday gave agricultural Africa the honour of dedicating a whole day to the opportunities that the continent offers in the agricultural sector. Italy is becoming increasingly active in Africa. The President of the Italian Council, Matteo Renzi, has recently completed his third tour of the continent and West Africa was the highlight. As a first for a president of the Italian Council, he visited Dakar and also Ghana and Nigeria. Immigration certainly plays a central role in Italian preoccupations but to deal with the question, Italy intends to make a bigger contribution to the development of the continent, in particular the agricultural sector. We should bear in mind that Africa already took occupied pride of place at last year's Universal Exposition in Milan. Now it is Verona's turn to place emphasis on the continent, showcasing Italian expertise in agricultural mechanics, zoo-technology and production of renewable energy. "The African continent has a reserve of uncultivated and arable land to the order of 226 million hectares. An area which could even be doubled through investments, for instance in irrigation and new technologies", says the President of Fieragricola, Maurizio Danese. "The rural fabric there is made up of nearly 60 million small farms, 77% of them meeting the subsistence needs of their owners".

Source: CommodAfrica