Monday, 01 February 2016

Indian spice farmers train African farmers in cultivation practices

A team of ginger and turmeric farmers and processors from Ethiopia and Rwanda are now equipped with skills to better cultivate their spices after training with Indian experts, through a workshop organized by the International Trade Centre (ITC). Under ITC’s Supporting Indian Trade and Investment for Africa (SITA) project, the African farmers travelled to South India for a seven-day workshop to learn the best practices of ginger and turmeric cultivation. The trainings took place in Kochi, Kerala and Tamilnadu. Rwanda is a landlocked country with limited land, and the government and business community are looking to spread the cultivation of high-value cash crops. Ethiopia is suffering a sharp decrease in production due to the outbreak of bacterial disease. SITA team member Irene Ebrahimi shares her experience in the training programme. To read more about the seven-day journey, follow ‘The Voices of SITA’ blog.

Source: International Trade Centre