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Joint Committee discusses EU-Gabon fishing agreement use


Friday, 29 January 2016

Joint Committee discusses EU-Gabon fishing agreement use

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment participated in the third meeting of the EU - Republic of Gabon Joint Committee, which analyzed the use of the Partnership Agreement on fisheries during 2015. The meeting was attended by officials from the European Commission, the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock of Gabon and representatives of Spain and France. The Joint Committee discussed the operation of the tuna fleet in these waters, which are one of the most important fishing grounds of the Atlantic, and both parties have defined the catch payment, which during the 2015 season exceeded the reference tonnage, with a historic record surpassing 32,000 tonnes. Half of these catches were performed by Spanish vessels. Procedures for boarding of observers were also agreed, and catch reporting system was discussed as well, to improve information during the last six months of the Protocol, especially regarding bycatch and discards. At the meeting, a schedule for negotiations with two rounds was agreed to establish a new Protocol with enough time before 23 July 2016, date in which the one in force expires. Thus, the stability of the activity of the fleet operating in Gabon is guaranteed. Spain has licenses for 15 freezer purse seiners, which, in 2015, captured more than 17,000 tonnes of tropical tuna for the canning industry.

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