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EDF: Risk‐review of development assistance


Thursday, 14 January 2016

EDF: Risk‐review of development assistance

The EU dedicates substantial resources to assisting the development of the world’s poorest countries. The amounts scheduled to be made available for development and cooperation over the 2014­20 period are €19.6 million through the EU general budget, and €30.5 million for ACP countries through the European Development Fund. To establish the credibility of development assistance, it is essential that the results achieved with these resources can be demonstrated. Recently, there has been renewed interest from both the European Parliament and the Council in shifting the focus of EU development and cooperation policies from activities to results. The European Court of Auditors therefore conducted a review to provide an overview of what the auditors consider to be the main risk areas related to a results­ oriented approach for EU development and cooperation action. The review also illustrates the risks concerned on the basis of experience acquired through audits in the field of external action. The auditors identified nine key risk areas related to the preparation of an EU development and cooperation results framework: Inconsistent results­related terminology or failure to establish a clear logical chain between action, outputs, outcome and impact can be a source of confusion and undermine the assessment of what has been achieved. Increased complexity due to the integration of cross­cutting issues in EU programmes represents a supplementary risk for the achievement and reporting of results.

Source: Amalawi