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Spanish vessels may fish in Mauritania 'before Christmas'


Thursday, 26 November 2015

Spanish vessels may fish in Mauritania 'before Christmas'

The Secretary General of Fisheries, Andrés Hermida, confirmed that the Spanish fleet can resume fishing activities in Mauritanian waters before Christmas, following the entry into force of the fisheries agreement between the European Union (EU) and Mauritania. Speaking to the agency EFE, Hermida explained that while the agreement must be ratified by the European Parliament so that it is "fully" implemented, including a "provisional implementation clause" that allows its launch. Consequently, he estimated that fifty vessels from Spain will be allowed to have access to the Mauritanian fishing ground in the first half of December, in "about ten or fifteen days." As part of the agreement, Community vessels will be allowed to fish 281,500 tonnes per year in return for an annual compensation of EUR 55 million a year. This agreement benefits the fishing fleets of Andalusia, Canary Islands and Galicia. To Spain, the new protocol represents some improvement over the previous one. It will benefit the shellfish fleet, for example, because it has recovered one of the two fishing areas that had been closed in the previous agreement. In addition, given the good status of the shellfish resources, both parties have decided to eliminate biological stoppages for this fishing mode, which will allow the fleet to fish all year round.

Source: fis.com