Thursday, 05 November 2015

Food & Gender implications in global food systems

Member of the European Parliament Louis Michel hosted a conference with the Food Bridge vzw in collaboration with the Federation of Anglophone Africans in Belgium and African Diaspora Network in Europe on ‘Food and Gender implications in global food systems’. Prof Dr Peter Scholliers, Professor of Contemporary History at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and head of the FOST (Social and Cultural Food Studies) research group gave the key note address.

Session 1 discussed Women, Land and Food Security in Cameroun and presentations were given by    Dr Nvenakeng Suzanne Awung,  Founder and CEO of ‘The Forgotten Green Heroes’ and    Mr Edmond Asonganyi,  Expert Micro Finance for Rural Development Cameroun. Session 2  focused on Food , Trade and Women Empowerment, with presentations from Ms Modi Ntambwe, Chair RVDAGE-SVAVand ReFI –oe (Immigrant Women Network in Belgium) and Ms Karin Ulmer, Senior Policy Officer, Trade and Gender, ACT Alliance EU. Session 3 shed light on Women Farmers across the South/North divide and presentations were given by Mr Mustapha Sinaceur, Director of FAO Brussels Liaison Office,  Ms Sonia Paiva, a woman farmer and director of  Eswatini Kitchen Swaziland and   Ms Djûke van der Maat,  Winner of the Copa Cogeca Innovation Prize for Women Farmers 2014.