Wednesday, 07 October 2015

European Year for Development: Food Security

In this Briefing from the European Parliament’s DG for External Policies, the importance of food security is outlined. Food security is a multi-layered concept covering availability, access, use and stability. It is recognized as a global public good. Moreover, to be free  from hunger and malnutiriton is also recognized as a human right. Following the 2007/2008 food crisis, the international community committed to investing more in agriculture and to better government. The MDG target to halve the proportion of hungry people was  nearly achieved, but 795 million people remain undernourished.

The Sustainable Development Goals include an ambitious zero hunger target and address the structural cause of food insecurity. Helping small farmers to enhance sustainable production is one of the important ways of addressing food insecurity in developing countries. For this reason, the EU has made food and nutrition security a focal area of development cooperation. The European Parliament supports a human rights-based approach to addressing food security and has expressed strong concerns over land grabbing.