Tuesday, 04 August 2015

10 products account for 50% of EU agri-food exports

New EU data shows that 10 product categories account for 48% of EU agri-food exports in 2014, new figures from the EU show.  4 out of the 10 most important export categories belong to the product group ‘agricultural food and feed products’ (i.e. farm production) and 6 originate from the group ‘food preparations and beverages’ (i.e. food and drink industry). The top 10 product categories are: Spirits 8% (wines & liqueurs); Wine 8% (cider & vinegar);  Wheat 8%;   Infant formula 5%; Food preparations 4%; Milk powders and whey 4%; Chocolate and ice-cream 4%; Pasta and pastries and breads 4%; Vegetables 3%; Pork meat 3%. The top five destinations in general absorb between 33% and 62% of total exports in these individual product categories. The EU data reveals that a rise in exports was due to a rise in volume, implying that a higher amount of shipments took place. EU agri-food imports totalled €104 billion for the EU28 in 2014. The three main types of products imported from third countries include: (i) fruit, nuts, and spices; (ii) vegetable proteins and fats; and  (iii) coffee. Most of the imports are highly standardised products that are traded in bulk.