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Animal cloning & imports face full ban in EU


Monday, 22 June 2015

Animal cloning & imports face full ban in EU

The environment, public health and food safety (ENVI) and the agriculture and rural affairs (AGRI) committees have backed plans to ban the cloning of farm animals, as well as preventing their descendants and clone-derived products appearing in the EU market. ENVI co-rapporteur Renate Sommer, said, "Due to the negative effects on animal welfare, cloning for farming purposes is rejected by a large majority of consumers. Furthermore, we do not need cloning to ensure meat supplies in the EU.(…) the ban should apply not only to clones themselves but also to their reproductive material (semen and embryos), their descendants and any products derived from them, including imports." The report calls for import certificates for animals, including animal germinal products and food and feed of animal origin coming into the European market to prove that they are not clones or the descendants of cloned animals. Co-rapporteur Giulia Moi agreed, stressing, "The ban on placing animal clones or their offspring on the EU market is a red line for us. We are well aware that cloning is allowed in certain third countries that [the] EU trades with, but we cannot allow these products to be placed on the EU market." The report shall go before the parliament's Strasbourg plenary session in early September.

Source: theparliamentmagazine.eu