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Fiji host ACP-EU joint parliamentary assembly


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fiji host ACP-EU joint parliamentary assembly

Fiji shall host the 29th session of the African Caribbean and Pacific – EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly. This is a milestone achievement for the country, given that the Fijian parliament is barely six months old. Parliamentarians from 78 countries in the ACP and EU region will gather to discuss issues that are currently affecting these regions, including climate change, democratization, challenges of empowerment of women and others issues. EU’s Head of Delegation Andrew Jacobs said that the meeting also shows the confidence the region has in Fiji’s parliamentary democracy and the effective establishment and operation of Fiji’s parliament. “It’s important that the institution of democracy are strong in the coming years and we look forward to continuing to work on that field but yes the fact ACP EU parliamentary assembly happening here in Fiji is certainly a credit of how Fiji’s parliament has developed over the past few months.” The meeting will also include the first political dialogue between the EU and Fiji where issues of mutual interest, democracy, human rights and trade among other issues will be discussed. The meeting will be held from June 15th to the 17th. 

Source: fbc.com