Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Single European Eco Label for fisheries

The European Parliament Committee on Fisheries shall have a public hearing on eco-labeling of fisheries products on 16th June. Eco-labeling schemes was first addressed in the Commission Communication on the Future for the Market on Fisheries Products in the EU in 1997, and has gained momentum since the introduction of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy in 2002. Additionally, international momentum has also been created with the adoption of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) guidelines on "eco-labeling for fish and fisheries products from marine fisheries." It has been recognized however, that the recent increase in the number of eco-labeled products creates difficulties in terms of competition, trade and consumer protection policies and has put the issue back on the agenda. There has been criticism however, as some cases are liable to cause market access problems; developing countries fear their products may be excluded from the markets of developed countries; it is not always easy to ascertain the credibility of environmental claims displayed on the labels and the criteria used for issuing the label.