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ACP: Voice of Moral Majority in Global Arena


Friday, 29 May 2015

ACP: Voice of Moral Majority in Global Arena

The 101st Session of the ACP group’s Council of Ministers brought together more than 300 officials from ACP countries, all determined to emphasise the necessaity to reposition the ACP group as an effective contributor in international relations. Dr Patrick I. Gomes of Guyana, Secretary-General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of countries, said at the opening of the 101st Session, “Four decades of existence is a milestone for the ACP as an international alliance of developing countries (…) With the organisation currently repositioning itself for more strategic engagements with regards to its future, this is an opportunity not only to review the past, but also to project to the decades ahead, especially in terms of how to be effective and better respond to the development needs of our member countries in the 21st century.” Meltek Sato Kilman Livtuvanu, President of the ACP’s Council of Ministers underlined, “From the viewpoint of the poor and vulnerable, we are the moral majority. Not only do we count, but we must continue to make our voice count in the global arena if we are to transform the ACP Group of States into a truly effective global player.”

Source: ipsnews.net