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Friday, 20 February 2015

EU: Future of Foreign Aid

On 20th of February 2015, the European Commission External Cooperation Infopoint held a conference on “The Future of Foreign Aid”. Dr. Nicos Yannis, Project Management, DEVCO R7- Training, Knowledge Management and Document Management Presentation, introduced the work of the knowledge management unit. Ms. Nicoletta Merlo, Deputy Head of Unit in DEVCO A1 - Policy and Coherence, explained the main features of the EU Agenda for change and ‘differntiation’, resources shall be allocated to where they are most needed e.g. in Least Developed Countries as opposed to Middle Income Countries (MICs). She also highlighted the importance of policy coherence for development which is enshrined in Art. 208 TEU. Ms. Cristina Maglaviceanu, Trainee in the NEAR Unit C1- Geographical Coordination Neighbourhood East presented the book, “The Future of Foreign Aid” by Andy Sumner and Richard Mallet. She highlighted that (i) the term ‘aid’ should be replaced by ‘global development cooperation’ in today’s context, and (ii) that between 2020-2030 over half of the world’s poor will be in MICs.

Here is the presentation.

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