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Kenya-AFD: energy to operate

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Kenya-AFD: energy to operate

The cradle of humanity may soon become its radiator. Rift Valley, this 700km long fault that runs through eastern Africa to the Nile Valley in Mozambique is the place for geothermal energy: in the center, the earth's crust is thicker than about ten kilometers and there is no need to dig far to find hot water. At Olkaria near Lake Naivasha where glasshouse rose plantations produce for the cities in Europe, a large geothermal plant was established with the financial support of the French Development Agency (AFD). Highly dependent on hydropower and therefore the flow of rivers, Kenya has changed its tune as a result of recent droughts: "Climate change presents us with major challenges in terms of electricity production, recognizes Richard Lesiyampe, Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment of Kenya. We are now ready to explore new sources. "Among them, geothermal seems like a viable option: it allows a constant energy production at low cost, provides Geoffrey Muchemi, in charge of developing the site for KenGen Olkaria, local EDF.

Source: 20minutes.fr