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EU Contribution to the Millennium Development Goals

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

EU Contribution to the Millennium Development Goals

The international community is on the verge of a unique opportunity to reset the global development agenda after 2015, the expiry date of the Millennium Development Goals(MDGs). The new framework that will replace the MDGs needs to build on the past achievements. The last publication on EU Contribution to the Millennium Development Goals illustrates how European Commission financed programmes have contributed to the Millennium Development Goals. Results cited  in the publication cover the period 2004-2012.
The European Union has been committed to helping achieve the MDGs since their very inception and led the way in integrating them into its development policy and practice. The MDGs have served as a powerful incentive to mobilise the international community and drive action by developed and developing countries alike. Together with its Member States, the EU provided more than half of global aid in 2012. In addition to aid, the EU is strongly committed to ensuring that all its policies are coherent with the objective of eradicating global poverty.
To accelerate progress towards the MDGs, in 2010 the European Commission established a 12-point action plan. Two years later, in 2012, the EU and its Member States undertook an ambitious programme of change designed to heighten development impact still further and improve results against the MDGs, by focusing on countries most in need (including fragile countries) and on priority sectors that promote good governance and inclusive, sustainable growth. These priorities, laid down in the Agenda for Change, are now being implemented.
The EU is involved in global discussions on the development agenda after 2015. The new framework has to go further by looking beyond MDGs and beyond aid. Effective multilateral action in areas as migration, trade, and finance – not covered by the MDGs – will be key to efforts of developing countries to achieve progress.

Source: European Commission