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European Growers introduce a quality and sustainability label

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 09 October 2013

European Growers introduce a quality and sustainability label

To encourage European consumers to increase their awareness of sustainable and organic agricultural products, growers in the Netherlands have launched a green label on their produce to denote the quality. Growers that attach this label to their products affirm that their produce is grown in the philosophy of quality, sustainability, and superior taste.
There is no cost or inspections for growers to use the Green Heart label, yet the growers who wish to distinguish their produce in this way must agree to the charter that promises their allegiance to the organic philosophy. The growers hope that the presence of the tag will increase awareness and efforts to increase agricultural sustainability.
The European Commission (EC) is due to present a roadmap on organic agriculture by the end of this year. The document will focus on strengthening the monitoring system of organic certification and label. The EC should also facilitate international trade with organic products, and support access for developing countries’ organic products to EU markets, according to decision taken at the Council meeting on Agriculture and Fisheries held in Brussels in May 2013.

Source: Horti Daily