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Commission adopts trade measures against Faroe

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Commission adopts trade measures against Faroe

On 20 August, the European Commission adopted a package of measures to address the unsustainable fishing of herring by the Faroe Islands. The measures include the ban of imports of herring and mackerel from the Atlanto-Scandian stocks that has been caught under the control of the Faroe Islands as well as fishery products containing or made of such fish. The measures also include restrictions on the use of EU ports by vessels fishing for the herring and mackerel stocks under the control of the Faroe Islands. This means that some Faroese vessels will not be allowed to dock in EU ports, except in cases of emergency. This announcement comes twenty days after the European Commission had received the approval for the move from the Member States.
European Commissioner for Maritime and Fisheries Affairs, Maria Damanaki said: "The imposition of such measures is always done as a very last resort. The Faroese could have put a stop to their unsustainable fishing but decided not to do so. It is now clear to all that the EU is determined to use all the tools at its disposal to protect the long-term sustainability of stocks."
The measures are to come in force 7 days after publication in the Official Journal.

The Atlanto-Scandian herring stock was until 2013 managed jointly by Norway, Russia, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and the EU through an agreed long-term management plan and pre-established shares of the Total Allowable Catch (TAC). However, in 2013 the Faroe Islands unilaterally decided to break out of this agreement and established an autonomous quota which more than trebled their previously agreed share, the European Commission informs.

The Council and the European Parliament adopted in October 2012 the Trade Instrument empowering the Commission to adopt measures against countries that allow unsustainable fishing.

Source: European Commission