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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

EU: Talks on the reform of the Fisheries Policy

Crucial talks on the reform of the Common European Fisheries Policy (CFP) get under way in the second day (14th May) of the Council meeting on Agriculture and Fisheries held in Brussels.
An agreement on the reform is currently blocked because of a division between the European Parliament and the Council on the topic of discards. The Parliaments requires discards ban to start immediately, and require for provisions that stipulate a return of all fish stocks to sustainable levels by 2020,  while the Council of ministers (especially the southern states) prefer a much weaker alternative of a phased-in ban, with a 9% level of exemption permitted, and a return to sustainable levels "whenever possible".
On the first day of the talks (13 May), the discussion focused on the basic regulation of the policy and on the market regulation. At the last of the negations, held on 8 May 2013, an overall agreement between the European Parliament and the Council was reached on the last of the topics. A tentative agreement was reached to enlarge the scope of mandatory information towards the gear type used in wild capture fisheries, and to require a more detailed indication of the catch area.
An agreement on the reform was one of the main objectives of the Irish presidency of the EU.

Source: Council of the EU; European Voice