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Improved rules to enforce EU rights under international TAs

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Monday, 07 January 2013

Improved rules to enforce EU rights under international TAs

The European Commission proposed on December 18 a new framework to enhance the EU’s ability to enforce its rights in the international trading system. The proposal covers the EU’s trade responses in cases of illegal trade measures in other countries, and it will allow effective action to safeguard the interests of EU companies and workers. The proposal is for a framework to enable the Commission to take executive action when the trade interests of the EU are at stake, rather than reacting on a case by case basis when the EU rights are not respected.
The proposal would allow the EU to implement trade responses in a more streamlined, efficient manner in order to encourage the offending country to remove the illegal measures.
"The EU's membership in the World Trade Organisation and bilateral trade agreements help the EU economy. Those agreements must be respected for them to deliver results. When international trade disputes prove that other countries haven't played by the rules, the EU needs to be able to react efficiently and swiftly to defend its interests", said EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht."Today's proposal gives us the tools to make sure the EU's international trade rights can be properly enforced in real time."
The proposal is part of the Commission's broader objective to improve the exercise of EU rights for the enforcement of international trade rules

Source: European Commission