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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

“Other options to avoid Cotonou are being considered”

In an interview conducted by Sudan Vision, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Rahamatullah Osman, sheds light on some key questions regarding Sudan-EU relations. Speaking of the COTONOU Agreement, he underlines that Sudan did not sign amendments to this, as these clashed with the Sudan policy. “Our relations with Europe follow two tracks. Collective, that is with the EU as a group and direct, that is between us and the EU members. It is true that our relations with EU are not satisfactory and have faced some obstacles”.  At the bilateral level, however, he states that Sudan continues to interact with EU member states:  “The Foreign Minister has visited many EU countries such as Portugal, Spain, England, France, Italy, Germany and Austria”.
Furthermore, Ambassador Rahamatullah Osman stresses that Sudan-EU cooperation continued outside the CONOTOU framework, such as on humanitarian and technical assistance. Nevertheless, he adds that “efforts are continuing to that end”, and that “other options to avoid COTONOU, which has become an obstacle to get resources from the EU” are being considered.
During the interview, he explained to Sudan Vision that the new strategy for dealing with South Sudan “is based on close cooperation between the two countries”, as South Sudan “is not a normal neighbor”. He concludes that “the hostility between the two countries will not last forever”.
Source: Sudan Vision