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Geopolitics of hunger: “There is no fate”

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Monday, 24 October 2011

Geopolitics of hunger: “There is no fate”

“Massive destruction”, Jean Ziegler’s last book, attacks the enemies of the right to food. It’s a subject of high importance given the famine that ravages the Horn of Africa.

He’s never more at ease than at the moment when he attacks the big trusts, savage liberalism and the accomplices of the international financial system. Jean Ziegler doesn’t rest or rust. He’s still there. He frequently receives prizes, is the guest of honour at colloquia organised all over the planet and still finds time to publish books. His last book, Massive Destruction, geopolitics of hunger, denounces the ruthlessness of a system that condemns a part of the world’s inhabitants to die from hunger. Too bad for those who thought that the Arab revolutions and the problems with regimes that he annoyed too much would gag him. Even if he admitted that he was sometimes wrong, revolution is still smouldering in him, a historical indignant.

Source: Tribune de Genève