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The European Union’s development agenda in 2005/2006

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 05 October 2005

The European Union’s development agenda in 2005/2006

The past two years emphasis to tackling world poverty has been welcome. Stimulated by key international events in 2005, particularly the World Summit to review the implementation of the 2000 Millennium Declaration and the Millennium Development Goals, as well as by actions of citizens across the world in the Global Call for Action Against Poverty, this focus has given prominence to Europe’s co-operation with developing countries and their people. However, while much has been done to stimulate development in poor countries, there is general recognition that these efforts fall far short of what is needed if the modest goals established by the Millennium Summit are to be achieved. The European Union, which seeks to give leadership in promoting global sustainable development, must not only ensure that its commitments are honoured, but that they are also built upon. This is all the more important after 2005’s high profile poverty focused events have ended and attention turns to other things. With the repeated warnings that development targets will not be met, that globalisation is widening inequalities, and that global warming could increase climatic instability more action is required to address these issues, not less. The following pages set out what is needed over the coming months if a Responsible Europe is to be realised.