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Increase cooperation and coordination of aid actions

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Increase cooperation and coordination of aid actions

Report on the impact of the lending activities of the European Community in developing countries
Debate : 06.07.2005
The Development Committee of the European Parliament is calling for greater synchronisation of aid activities in the European Union in a draft report by Gabriele ZIMMER (GUE/NGL, DE) which will now be debated by the full Parliament. Through stronger cooperation between the development activities of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and those of the Commission and Member states, MEPs in the committee hope to achieve important objectives of harmonising and increasing the efficiency of development policy measures. Although the EIB has made progress in following development policies of the European Union, the committee still believes that the EIB instruments lack flexibility and contain problems with project evaluation.
In general, the committee finds that there is a lack of dialogue between the European institutions and the EIB, and calls for greater cooperation not only with the Commission and the Parliament, but also other development agencies. MEPs in the committee also call for the EIB to coordinate its "objectives, criteria and methodology also with the European Development Finance Institutions" as well as to cooperate within the Interact Network in order to guarantee that EIB funding is complementing the measures taken by the Commission and by the Member States.
MEPs in the committee want to see a greater coherence between European aid programmes, integrating European development policies, such as the Millennium Development Goals set in September 2000 and the Cotonou agreement, under the EIB's policies.
In the assessment and evaluation area, MEPs in the committee want the EIB to adopt the key indicators defined by the Commission and to integrate them into its Development Assessment Framework and also to "align its 'Development Impact Assessment Framework of Investment Facility Projects' to international standards of development assessment." This in order to better evaluate the success of its projects.
MEPs in the committee also call for more instruments aimed at stimulating SME investments and encouraging entrepreneurship, especially among women. Efforts to integrate environmental objectives are also mentioned in the report, encouraging the EIB to lend money to projects focusing on protecting natural environments, assessing hydro-power projects and promoting projects for renewable energy.
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