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Kenya and Netherlands to only be trading partners

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Friday, 04 May 2018

Kenya and Netherlands to only be trading partners

Kenya will no longer take financial assistance from the Netherlands as it feels its economy has become strong enough. The ambassador from Kenya met the Dutch government officials at the Kings residence on Friday, he said that the Dutch government will remain a very important trading partner to Kenya and that the strong relationship between both the countries will remain strong. Ambassador Frans Makken said to Star News reporters "We will seek to focus more on enhancing trade and in doing so, we will work more with the private sector so that the two states benefit, not just giving aid.” Makken also said, "As Kenya graduated into the league of lower-middle-income countries, the Netherlands Embassy transformed its traditional aid programme into a mature, business-like bilateral relationship in which the Sustainable Development Goals and the ‘Big Four’ objectives are pursued through private sector development, trade and investment."

Source: DevDiscourse