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France wants to catch up in Africa

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Monday, 02 October 2017

France wants to catch up in Africa

France has ‘failed to propose a long-term strategy for the economic development of the African continent’. This is what emerges from the report ‘Ready for the Africa of today?’ published by the Institut Montaigne on Wednesday 20 September. The study points to increasingly fierce international competition, and says China, Morocco, India, India and Turkey have adopted much more developed strategies. The French are ‘locked in a circular political discourse’. Each new president announces a renewal of Franco-African relations, promising to do better than the previous government. The institute also complains about the dependence on public authorities, as actions in Africa are more heavily dependent on funding and diplomatic efforts. However, the success of French companies depends on ‘the goods and services offered, on competitiveness, bold partnerships with future African economic leaders and risk-taking,’ says the Institut Montaigne. African countries on the other hand know how to take advantage of this situation and are now refusing to lock themselves into exclusive relations with their historical partners. The study includes a benchmark of the different strategies of the countries vying for leadership in Africa.

Source: www.leconomiste.com