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Good market in Europe for Kenyan herbs

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Good market in Europe for Kenyan herbs

The weather has been dryer than usual in Kenya this season, which has meant that many producers have had to limit the water usage. However, herb producer Mintos Fresh is at an advantage because of where their growing area is located. Located in the Molo region, the area is well known for its fertile lands, lower temperatures and the higher altitude means that there is more moisture than in other regions. Most of their production is focused on coriander, mint and chives, but the company also grows dill and thyme as well, depending on consumer demand. The herbs are currently grown on 15 acres, the chives in high tunnels and the mint and coriander are grown in open fields. Innocent Bosire from Mintos Herbs shared that they own a 20 acre field at another location and they have been looking at this area to expand their production in the next few years. He said that the second location is in a warmer area which would make it perfect for growing Basil. "Our largest market is the Netherlands, but we plan on sending shipments to Germany in April. We have sent a few shipments to the UK in the past, but they haven't been very active in the market. The demand for herbs is strong in Europe which has meant that we haven't ventured too much into other markets such as the Middle East, although, I do think that there is probably a good market for coriander there." said Innocent. "Every region is different and it is all about knowing the markets. Coriander is pretty popular in the UK, the German market is very interested in the mint and they take all of our herbs in the Netherlands, with just a little more chives than the rest. The cut herbs are all shipped by air, with a shelf life of around a week, once they reach their destination."

Source: Fresh Plaza