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Dutch team leads study into poultry development in Eastern Africa

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Dutch team leads study into poultry development in Eastern Africa

To harmonize the country-oriented Dutch development and economic diplomacy policies with increasing regional influences in poultry value chain developments, better insight is needed in the interdependency of the poultry sectors of different countries. Therefore, the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) has decided to support a study and learning project that will look into the various aspects of this interdependency in Eastern Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda). The objective of the study and learning project is to gather relevant information on poultry developments in the Eastern African region with the aim of collecting and sharing this information with relevant stakeholders and advise the Netherlands Government on more regional-economic responsive policies for sector/value chain development. Whilst the issues of interdependency can be recognized across the whole of Africa, the project will focus on Eastern Africa for practicability’s sake. The study will be conducted by an NABC representative resident in East Africa, and a Wageningen UR Livestock Research representative from the Netherlands. The outcome of the study and learning project will be an analysis on how national poultry value chains are influenced by the dependency on inputs from and market outlets in other countries in the region and will serve as an input for rephrasing poultry value chain support strategies across Africa. The study and sharing of the findings is a first step towards a larger project analysing aspects of regionalization in the development of poultry value chains, also in Southern Africa as well as in Western Africa. At the end of the larger study, a national meeting will be organized, discussing Dutch policies on support to sustainable poultry value chains in Africa, focusing on more effective integration of trade and aid in support of sustainable poultry development in Africa.

Source: knowledge4food.net