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EU Conference: Federica Mogherini ‘Common Action, a Stronger Europe’

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 07 September 2016

EU Conference: Federica Mogherini ‘Common Action, a Stronger Europe’

In Africa, always looking for partnerships; and in these weeks the work we are doing with key partners on these new partnerships we have established is fundamental. We will launch next week a new External Investment Plan, and also the ongoing work with the G5 Sahel and the work that we need to start preparing for the next EU-Africa Summit that, I will suggest, should focus on youth both in Africa and in Europe. So, to help us focus on the challenges that both migration and radicalisation pose to us, both inside the European Union and inside the African continent [...] This is to say that wherever we turn around and look at our partnerships – and I did not mention Oceania but we are having a bilateral with Ms Julie Bishop, the Foreign Minister of Australia, just this week – wherever we look around, we see our partners looking at us – by “us” I really mean “us in this room” and all the people who are working with us – looking for confirmation of a strong determination, a strong commitment, a strong engagement, of the European Union's role in the world [...] The Union is everywhere in the world, the Union plus its Member States, and this is also why I will insist so much on joint programming everywhere we can. The Union plus its Member States is everywhere the first trading partner, the first humanitarian or development donor, the first foreign investor and I could continue - first economic presence, first diplomatic presence, sometimes first security provider. This is especially true in Africa [...]

Source: eeas.europa.eu