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South Africa: "Not the most ideal year for lemon exports to Europe"

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Thursday, 14 July 2016

South Africa: "Not the most ideal year for lemon exports to Europe"

Sunday's River Valley in the main region producing lemons at the moment and Hannes De Waal MD at Sunday's River Citrus Company, one of the biggest citrus producers in the valley said, "Lemons are still being loaded for Europe, certainly from the Eastern Cape, although it is not the most ideal year for exports to Europe due to the small sizes and CBS restrictions but there are containers getting loaded." "The CBS restrictions put an automatic curb on exports to Europe, so some importers are not getting as much as they want. We load in a very different way than we used to here in the Eastern Cape due to these restrictions." "The situation is not bad for us though, prices are really high and we expect that to remain. It is our focus to try and stay in Europe but it is very difficult due to the back spot as we have to go through a lot of processes to ship there. According to Hannes there are a lot of lemons going to the Russian market which is really also very good just now. "The South East Asian market is very flat though we are not sure why, but it could be down to consumers having less to spend on imported fruit due to the economy."

Source: freshplaza.com