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Thursday, 03 March 2016

NRM has played a great role in revival of East African Community

The revival of East African Community 15 years ago during the NRM rule has placed the region in the metropolis on the global map increased market size of the region, led to high economic growth among benefits that comes with integration. Regional economic integration is one way countries achieve national interests only in concert with others. It expands national markets to the region. Like globalization, it can be thought of as an alternative to international embeddedness or how one or countries relates to the rest of the world. Learning from international experience and reorganizing the importance of regional integration, the establishment of the Permanent Tripartite Commission for East African Co-operation, was signed by President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Daniel Arap Moi of Kenya and Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania. Revival of East African community 30 November, 1993 - permanent tripartite commission for East African co-operation established. On March 14, 1996 – the co-operation secretariat was launched in Arusha as the executive arm of the tripartite commission. On November 30, 1999 - the treaty establishing the east African community is signed. On July 7, 2000 –the treaty entry into force of the treaty and coming into being of the new EAC was realized and was launched on January 15, 2001 by the three heads of state. President Museveni has been at the fore front that East African economies should develop through regional integration over the last 15 years the EAC regional integration has proven itself on the international stage and has placed EA Region the metropolis on the global map.

Source: New Vision