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"If the IOC is the engine of regional cooperation, then the EU is the fuel"

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Friday, 12 February 2016

"If the IOC is the engine of regional cooperation, then the EU is the fuel"

The representatives of the European diplomatic missions met the General Secretariat of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) on 20 January 2016. Having worked in partnership for more than 30 years, the two bodies talked and confirmed their commitment to regional stability, an important development factor in the countries of this region. "The European Union recognises the role of the IOC as an organisation for proximity regional cooperation and remains the first technical partner and financial backer of the organisation", says a communiqué of the Indian Ocean Commission. The achievements of the IOC through projects financed under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF), in particular in fishing, maritime security and sustainable management of natural resources and pioneering initiatives conducted in the field of connectivity (digital, air and maritime), were discussed. "It is essentially the support from Europe - that is to say, 227 million euros of financing since 1985 - that has allowed translation into action of the desire for cooperation among the countries of the Indian Ocean. If the IOC is the engine of regional cooperation, then the European Union is certainly the fuel. And the results, in terms of surveillance of fisheries, maritime security, management of marine and coastal zones, raising of awareness about sustainable development or, again, political stability, for instance for leading Madagascar out of its crisis, are conclusive" says Jean Claude de l'Estrac, Secretary General of the Indian Ocean Commission.