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GMOs: a controversial answer to hunger in Africa?

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

GMOs: a controversial answer to hunger in Africa?

In a recent report entitled Hunger, just another business, the NGOs CCFD-Terre Solidaire, Oxfam France and Action Against Hunger are critical of the new drive for GMO crops in Africa puched by third country development partners.  While GM crops are authorised in only a handful of African countries today, they appear to be gaining in popularity. So far, the only three Africna countries that have commercial GMO crops include South Africa, Burkina Faso and Sudan are the only three African countries that currently commercialise genetically modified crops. However, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda and Egypt have recently carried out field tests. This new enthusiasm for GMOs is strongly encouraged by the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition (NASAN), launched by the G8 in 2012 to promote the adoption, distribution and consumption of bio-fortified foods in developing countries. Its aims to fight malnutrition by improving the nutritional value of foods.

Source: euractiv.com