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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Agriculture MEPs vote to ban GM food & feed imports

Members of the European Parliament have voted to reject the European Commission proposal to allow member states to limit or ban imports of genetically modified food and feed. MEPs in the Agriculture Committee argue that national bans could distort competition on the EU's single market and undermine the European food and feed sector, which currently, is heavily reliant on imported GMOs. Albert Dess, a German centre-right MEP who drafted the opinion for the Parliament's agriculture committee said, "We have not been building the EU's single market to let arbitrary political decisions distort it completely (…) if we allowed this, then all animal food production in the EU would be at stake, which could make us much more dependent on food imports from third countries." Earlier in the year, the European Parliament had already approved legislation which gives EU member states the power to regulate the cultivation of transgenic crops on their territory.