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Lifting EU restrictions for Kenyan bean exporters

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Lifting EU restrictions for Kenyan bean exporters

The European Union has recently lifted its reinforced inspections on 10% of all types of beans from Kenya, including green beans and sugar snaps. Eunice Mwongera, director of Hillside Green Growers, explained, "They will still be testing some percentage, it won’t be on every shipment, so growers, exporters and everybody in the chain will benefit from this (…) 17% of the country’s beans go to Britain alone, so you can imagine that for Europe as a whole it’s a bigger volume. Export volumes will go up and there will be more involvement from the farming community in rural areas. I also see perhaps even more exporters coming on board. Incomes and job creation should be good.” She also noted the important work of the government to ensure that exporters do not slip back in terms of quality and control, especially with regard to rules and improved traceability. After all, keeping high standards is a prerequisite for gaining competitivity and the possibility to expand to other markets.

Source: freshplaza.com