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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

EU: serious action needed for sustainable future

Linda McAvan, Member of the European Parliament explains that the EU needs to support its words with concrete actions in order to enhance its role in the global community, especially in light of the milestone forthcoming conferences: i) the third international conference on financing for development in Addis Ababa in July, ii) the UN summit on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in September and iii) the Paris climate change talks in December. In addition to these, the European commission will also be preparing the new gender action plan (GAP) , which aims to put the interests of women and girls at the heart of our development policies. Mcavan recalls that MEPs recently voted overwhelmingly for a report by Pedro Silva Pereira whose main message was that EU member states must stick to their commitments on official development aid (ODA) However, so far, only four member states have met their target. Parliament is also preparing a separate report to be voted in July on tax and development which McAvan hopes will put pressure on multinational companies to pay fair taxes and prevent illegal financial flows. In her opinion, the eight MDGs did lead to real improvements in people's lives and the post-2015 MDG context will be an important tone for making veritable change for sustainable development.