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Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

August 2019
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Thursday, 22 August 2019

European parliament:
- 17 to 18 March: Committee on Foreign Affairs
- 17  to 18 March: Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development
- 18 March: Committee on Fisheries
- 19 to 20 March: Committee on International Trade
Council of the European Union:
- 17 March: General Affairs Council
- 18 March: Foreign Affairs Council
- 20 to 21 March: General Affairs Council
European Council:
- 19 to 20 March: Institutional affairs
ACP Secretariat:
- 17 March: Conciliation meetings on Urgent Motions for Resolution
- 17 March: Formal Opening Ceremony of the 27th Session of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly
- 18 to 19 March: Plenary session of the 27th session of the JPA

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The next Brussels Development Briefing on ‘Realising the Promise of Agriculture for Africa’s Transformation’, will be held during the morning of Friday 4 April 2014, at the Egmont Palace in Brussels. This 36th Briefing is timed to coincide with the 4th Africa-EU Summit, and the panel is being organised by the ACP-EU Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), in collaboration with the European Commission and the African Union Commission.

In this week’s CTA Brussels video interview, Lee H. Babcock, Expert on mobile finance for agriculture, USA, tells us a bit more about key contributions in the field of agricultural value chain and the challenges with implementing those contributions.
Additionally, he comments on the need to bring together private sector interests with those of the smallholder farmers and the agricultural industry in general. Mr Babcock elaborates on the mobile money players who have an important role to play in agri value chains finance. He argues that  if they want to begin to profitably service rural areas, they will have to partner up with the agricultural sector and stakeholders such as multilaterals, local agricultural development organizations and of course government.

Europe is the biggest spender on development aid worldwide but its policies are often inefficient, a recent study found. New coordinated development aid programs are aimed at cutting bureaucracy and costs. A recent research paper published by the Südwind Institute, a German NGO, has highlighted Europe's current lack of ability to coordinate development policy. "Particularly the traditional big donor countries, like Germany, see development aid as an extension of their own foreign policies, and in many cases, of their security policies," Pedro Morazan, a senior researcher with the organization told DW.

The just concluded negotiations on the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between East Africa Community (EAC) member states and the European Union (EU) markets have once again failed to strike a deal. In a three-day meeting held in Brussels, Belgium, the two parties failed to agree on contentious issues of duties and taxes on exports and on Most Favoured Nations (MFN).
However the meeting managed to conclude on the issues of the institutional arrangements and dispute settlement

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